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A Shopping Guide To Ethical Lingerie

Friday, September 30, 2016
A Shopping Guide To Ethical Lingerie

Much like practical shoes, comfortable delicates are the cornerstone to easy-going style. How can you feel confident in your outfit if your lingerie is uncomfortable? You can't, it's impossible.

As with everything else in your wardrobe, the focus is on practicality; trying to "cover all bases" in an attempt to cater to every "just in case" occasion has its pitfalls and you will inevitably end up with a drawer full of literal unmentionables; lingerie you don't want anyone to see least of all wear and that's a real shame.

I'm pretty sure we have all been there, wearing underwear that is too tight, the wrong size, ill-fitting, and uncomfortable; bras and knickers we can't wait to rip off in very un-delicate manner at the end of a long insufferable day. Lingerie is something I feel you should be proud of, feel confident in, and love to wear. Your "delicates" should be just that, delicate, and I'm not talking about what they look like, I'm talking about being kind to your body. That is something we all should be doing more of on a daily basis.

Do yourself a favour and empty your lingerie drawer of every piece that makes you feel uncomfortable or stifled; whether it's too big or too small, pinches at the skin or bites into your shoulders. Bin them. Replenish your drawers with pretty underthings that make you feel good about your body because, after all, it's the lingerie that's all wrong not your body. If you need help, here's a little guide to finding the perfect fitting lingerie.

A Shopping Guide To Ethical Lingerie  A Shopping Guide To Ethical Lingerie

Woron Grey Melange Soft-Bra* & Blush Soft-Bra*

Finding lingerie I'm comfortable and confident in has always been a bugbear of mine; with a little perseverance it's not impossible and oh so satisfying when you finally discover the perfect fit. My one biggest realisation? You don't need a multitude of styles to suit all occasions, find the perfect style for you and life gets a whole lot easier - and more comfortable.

My newest additions come from Woron, a Scandinavian brand with lingerie that is feminine, stylish, and comfortable without compromising on sustainability. Their entire range is comprised of basic essentials designed to fit perfectly and look feminine, meaning you can feel sexy and confident in your underwear - which, dare I say it, I do. I chose the Grey Melange Soft-Bra and Blush Soft-Bra, both pretty little things with crossover straps and thick band. The fabric used is modal - beechwood pulp fiber - making these bras smooth, soft, and breathable. It's the "all day, every day" kind of lingerie that doesn't leave you praying for the time when you can take it off; so comfortable you forget it's even there.

We come in all shapes in sizes, which understandably means we want different things from our delicates. Woron are currently the top of my list of most coveted underthings but here are a few alternatives if you're looking to restock your lingerie collection:

· Aikyou
· Andree Ciccarelli
· Anek
· Ayten Gasson
· Azura Bay
· Baserange
· Between The Sheets
· Blue Canoe
· Boody
· Brook There
· Clare Bare
· Daisy & Elizabeth
· Jonesy
· Luva Huva
· Naja
· Nena Intimates
· Only Hearts
· Organic Lingerie
· Style Saint
· Svala
· Thinx
· Third Love
· Thunder Pants
· Wear Pact

Gift Wrapping With Flowers

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Gift Wrapping With Flowers
Gift Wrapping With Flowers
Gift Wrapping With Flowers  Gift Wrapping With Flowers
Flowers by Bloom & Wild* / Jewellery by Oh My Clumsy Heart

It's that time of year where gifts exchange hands more frequently: the beginnings of a new academic year, housewarmings, baby showers, winter weddings, and (dare I say it) Christmas. What I loathe about gift wrapping is the waste; all that time lovingly spent securing a gift in beautiful wrapping paper, tied with string and a carefully handwritten name tag, handed over only to be hurriedly unwrapped and discarded once the thank yous have been given. Call me a killjoy but this is the one part of gift giving I could happily forego for something far simpler.

This method for wrapping your gifts requires things you probably already have in your house: a box for your gift, twine for wrapping, and flowers for decoration - Bloom & Wild offer irresistable posys complete with little glass vials, perfect for presenting alongside your gift. Tie your gift up in its box with a bow and place cut flowers securely underneath the twine. Job done.

Gift Wrapping With Flowers
Gift Wrapping With Flowers  Gift Wrapping With Flowers
Flowers by Bloom & Wild* / Jewellery by Oh My Clumsy Heart / Mirror by Lo + Behold*

What I love about this incredibly simple idea is: virtually no waste. After the gift has been handed over, the flowers (if you've been quick on your feet) can be popped into a vase and bring joy for the next few weeks. After that? Press and frame them to make natural art to be displayed in the home or make colourful confetti.

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't appreciate a gift alongside a beautiful posy of flowers, can you?

Week Notes #80 - Links Worth Clicking

Sunday, September 25, 2016
Week Notes

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