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Minimalism and Beauty: Why I Threw Away My Make-Up

Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Minimalism and Beauty: Why I Threw Away My Make-Up

The “haul culture” of beauty (and fashion) blogging encourages women to purchase every new release or cult product, and own a multitude of products that do exactly the same thing. Receiving beauty samples on a somewhat regular basis encourages this habit and it’s surprising how quickly drawers and countertops fill up with unnecessary, unused, or unwanted items.

Although I don’t wear it every day and keep a pretty minimal beauty bag, make-up is something I enjoy indulging in and experimenting with. I’ve never been one to hoard make-up yet still managed to unknowingly double-up on similar shades and products and I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the small amount I owned.

I tend to buy luxury brands because I find them to be better quality and it results in me owning fewer products overall. On the most part, I’ve stopped buying make-up because I realised I had more than enough for the look I want to achieve.

Here’s what I got rid of:
    · Out of date items (gross)
    · Broken or damaged products
    · Colours that didn't suit me
    · Make-up I never wear
    · Multiple lip balms (why did I have so many?)

Minimalism and Beauty: Why I Threw Away My Make-Up

I separated the items I could donate or pass on to friends from those that were out of date or broken beyond use; I kept any make-up I use regularly and the products I knew I would use up but probably not replace. What was left was a small collection of products I adore and use on a daily basis.

Just like I do with my minimal wardrobe, I want to pay more attention to what I'm buying (or being gifted,) why I want it and how it will fit into my beauty routine. The goal is to achieve a simple routine tailored to my personal style in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Here’s what I kept:
    · Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation
    · Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation*
    · Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation*
    · Lily Lolo Mineral Concealer
    · NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
    · Beauty Blender
    · Zoeva Brush Set
    · EyeKo Rock Out Mascara*
    · Urban Decay Eyebrow Tamer*
    · Chanel Mirage Eyeshadow
    · Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Palette
    · Tom Ford Orchid Haze Palette
    · Lily Lolo Coralista
    · Sleek Face Contour Kit*
    · Perricone MD No Blush Blush*

For me, minimalism isn't about whittling everything away so barely anything remains, it's about the perfect amount of something. When it comes to beauty that means having a routine with effective, high-quality products without doubling up when one product would do the job or owning an excess of items for the sake of it. I'm far more content when I know every beauty product I own will be used and not wasted - there's something terribly rewarding about finishing beauty products - and I can really enjoy the products I have.

Now my beauty routine has been streamlined and minimised, my aim is to maintain the balance by working through the current excess and replacing products when the current ones run out, and only if I really need to.

Week Notes #79 - Links Worth Clicking

Sunday, August 28, 2016
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Minimal Wardrobe: Autumn 2016 Wish List

Friday, August 26, 2016

For the past few months I have been focused on really defining my style and discovering what clothes make me feel the most confident and at ease. I found the more I concentrated on what I already owned, the less I felt I needed to shop for more. Instead I have been reworking what I have, and whittling my clothes down to a very streamlined 50 items. As autumn approaches, I'm beginning to feel dreamy about updating my wardrobe again.

Autumn 2016 Wish List

Janessa Leone Bolero

I tend to suit hats rather well yet I've never owned one; I'd really love a cute boater for shading myself in the summer but since this season is quickly disappearing, I'm considering whether there is room in my wardrobe for a different type. The bolero style looks smart yet versatile; I just need to find a non-wool alternative to this Janessa Leone one, suggestions?

Everlane Modern Oxfords

Everlane launched their new range of shoes recently, The Modern Oxford, with a tapered toe, slight heel, and a style that is smart yet comfortable. I was lucky to win a pair in their Instagram giveaway, and the shoes are on their way right now! I went for the classic goes-with-everything black; such a great staple pair of shoes to own and I'm super excited to get them in my wardrobe.

Elizabeth Suzann Birdie Dress

Elizabeth Suzann is one of those brands where I want to own everything. Each piece is well-designed and made to last, the style is always practical, elegant, and comfortable. I was kindly gifted the Diane Trench a few weeks back and it has become a staple piece I wear daily when the weather permits. I know the price tag of the Birdie Caftan is well worth it, I'm just building up the courage to hit buy now.

Garrett Leight Wilson M Glasses

I've been hunting all over for a pair of all-metal, round frames and these by Garrett Leight are exactly the sort of thing I'm after. Sleek, minimal, and a little bookish; I love the brushed finish and how lightweight they would feel. I'm debating whether to switch back to contact lenses (it's always good to have the option between lenses and frames) so I'm holding off on making a purchase for now.