Diorskin Poudre Shimmer: Rose Diamond

Christian Dior Rose Diamond

Christian Dior Rose Diamond

Christian Dior
Diorskin Poudre Shimmer: Rose Diamond

I cannot convey in words how in love with this product I am but I will try.

If the outstanding reviews of Christian Dior Rose Diamond weren't enough to lure me in, the outrageous blurb on the back of the box was - listen to this: "This precious blend of shaded, sparkling colors envelops your face in a halo of light." SOLD. Get in my bag, let's go home.

Rose Diamond is a soft focus highlighter that gives a subtle luminous glow to the skin. I have used this every day since I bought it. Every single day, without fail. I can't believe I ever lived without it. A light dusting underneath my make-up, a sweep across my cheekbones, a highlighter and a subtle blusher; Rose Diamond is so adaptable. The lightest end of this ombre powder can be applied purely as a highlighter but swirled together it gives the the most delicate gleam to the skin I have ever seen. It's as if angels have floated down from the heavens and kissed my face.

Can any other highlighter make you feel this good?

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