Lip Repair

First Aid Kit: Lip Repair

Sweet Almond Oil
Brown Sugar
Small Pot

I wanted a lip scrub to exfoliate but when I discovered the majority of scrubs are literally just oil and sugar I thought, "why pay for something I can make from ingredients in my cupboard?" I used to have a terrible time with my lips; I swear using this recipe combined with a wicked lip butter has solved my problems for good. I use this scrub every other day and I've never had a problem ever since.

First Aid Kit: Lip Repair

1. Fill two-thirds of your small pot with brown sugar

First Aid Kit: Lip Repair

2. Mix a little Vaseline into the brown sugar
3. The mixture should clump together as the sugar absorbs the Vaseline making room for you to add more
4. You want the mixture to be rough and loose not wet; so add more sugar
5. Once you have a rough mixture add a drop of Sweet Almond Oil
6. Keep mixing together until you have a stiff, compact mixture that feels gritty and rough

First Aid Kit: Lip Repair

7. Finished!

This recipe is incredibly flexible, you can adjust the consistency from a rough exfoliator to a smooth lip balm, or add scents or flavourings like peppermint or vanilla. Feel free to substitute the sweet almond oil for olive oil or even use a different sugar; I use whatever I have in my cupboards when mine runs out. I prefer to make a fairly compact scrub but you might prefer a lighter formula similar to a balm with exfoliating sugar particles. Feel free to mess around with it.

Let me know if you try this out.

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