Unlike some unmentionable disappointments that can be found on French pharmacy shelves, Homeoplasmine is something that lived up to the hype. I never want to be without it ever again.

Homeoplasmine can be compared to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream (minus the smell) and Japan’s Yu-Be (although I’ve never tried it). It’s an all-purpose pomade that soothes irritated skin, heals burns with its mildly antiseptic properties, treats dryness, can be applied to acne, and is also a matte primer for the lips and face.

I bought this in summer so I’ve been using it as an overnight ‘lip mask’ (do those things even exist?) to prevent chapped lips. I swear I read somewhere that Homeoplasmine can make your lips fuller and plumper and I’ve definitely noticed this effect yet I can’t find any evidence online. The effects remind me of Origins Intensive Overnight Mask, except for your lips. Slather it on and wake up with soft, plump lips that make applying lipstick a total breeze.

I’d imagine in the winter months when the wind is trying to tear off your face and you feel like everything is frozen, Homeoplasmine would be a good product to have around to help soothe irritated skin, both on your face and body, and prevent dryness.

I’m sceptical about whether it's a good idea to use Homeoplasmine as a primer. From the feel of this pomade I’d fear it might clog pores but as a lip primer this product is amazing. Homeoplasmine is not meant for “prolonged use” and should be limited to 1 to 3 times a day, short term. I’ve been using it pretty much every day (albeit only once) since I bought it and I haven’t noticed any negative effects from regular use, only the sweet, sweet bliss of having perfect lips.

You can buy this online (at a slightly steeper retail price) or apparently Calendula Oil is essentially the same product (minus the petrolatum), which can be purchased at a lesser price from pharmacies or health food shops.

Have you tried this cult beauty product?

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