Clean Up Your Act

Clean Up Your Act

Dirty brushes are totally gross. When you're putting something on your face every day it needs to be clean. Even if you're using the same products all week long, it's important to wash them. Your brushes are a party ground for bacteria and those little guys like to party hard. You wouldn't go all week without bathing (I hope) so why do you expect your brushes to?

Not only do brushes put things on your skin, they also pick things up.. y'know, like natural oils, which bacteria love. Dirty brushes mean bacteria is spread around the face, causing skin problems and possible infections. You know those breakouts you keep getting? Look no further than your unwashed beauty tools.

Clean Up Your Act

Deep cleaning your brushes at least once a week means any festering bacteria gets removed. I also recommend storing used brushes separate from unused ones, this helps avoid contaminating otherwise clean brushes. It also makes for less work come the end of the week. If you can't remember which brushes are clean and which ones are dirty, you have to wash them all.

I take each brush individually, apply a little baby shampoo to the palm of my hand, swill the dry brush into the soap, and gradually add a little water at a time to build a lather and thoroughly cleanse. I repeat this process until the water runs clear and I can see the bristles are clean. I do this over a sink using free flowing water - don't bathe your brushes in a bowl of water.

Once the brushes are clean I gently squeeze any remaining water out and swill the brush against my palm once more to reshape the bristles. I lay a towel out in a place it won't get disturbed and lay the brushes on top to dry naturally.

Clean Up Your Act

Washing your brushes once a week is the bare minimum but if you want to totally avoid bacteria being brushed all over your face you're better off being a little more regular with the beauty tool hygiene. It's a little much to expect cleaning every single day (seriously, who's got time for that?) but spot cleaning is super easy to do.

Spot cleaning is a great way to keep the bacteria at bay. I use either Bioderma S├ębium H20 (for a more heavy duty, bacteria busting clean) or a simple diy tea tree toner (for a lighter clean). I also spritz tea tree toner over freshly washed brushes to add a little extra bacteria killing power.

Take a little of your chosen cleaner, dampen the brush using a spray, and swish the bristles against a cloth. Use something with a little texture such as a microfibre cloth or flannel as this will help pull the product from the bristles. Spot cleaning removes most of the product and should kill off at least some of the bacteria (it's better than nothing, right?)

You totally do not need "special" brush cleaning products to do this job. I use baby shampoo because it's cheap, it cleans brushes super well, and anything that is gentle enough to use near a babies eyes is good enough to clean my brushes.

Clean Up Your Act

So.. how good are you at keeping your brushes clean?

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