A Guide To Starting A Minimal Wardrobe

Friday, January 08, 2016
A Guide To Starting A Minimal Wardrobe

Adopting the minimal wardrobe method allows us to focus on creating a meaningful and functional collection of clothes that serve us well. The focus is on high quality timeless or versatile pieces; fabric and quality is more important than quantity, and we leave behind the emptiness of fast fashion.

Here is a guide to getting started with your own minimal wardrobe.

How to Prepare an Existing Wardrobe

» The Five Steps Method
» The 100 Per Cent Method
» The Always, Sometimes, Never Method

How to Start Creating a Minimal Wardrobe

» The Principles of Building a Minimal Wardrobe
» How To Plan A Minimal Wardrobe
» The Basic Minimal Wardrobe Purchases
» 5 Wardrobe Resolutions

How to Build a Minimal Wardrobe

» How to Develop Your Personal Style
» Developing a Colour Palette for Your Wardrobe
» The Benefits of a Wish List
» Staying on Track with the Minimal Wardrobe
» How to Find the Perfect Fitting Lingerie
» A Guide to Second Hand Shopping
» Jewellery Essentials For A Minimal Wardrobe
» How to Create a Cohesive Wardrobe
» 5 Ideas to Make A Basic Wardrobe Less Boring
» 5 Things To Remember When Buying New Clothes
» How To Build A Minimal Wardrobe On A Budget
» Buying Practical Shoes
» Adding Unique Items To A Minimal Wardrobe

Other Topics

» A List of Ethical Independent Fashion Brands
» The Minimal Wardrobe Mission
» Slow Fashion: What It Is and Why It's So Important
» The Problem With Capsule Wardrobes
» Lessons On Caring For Your Jewellery
» On Quality and Transparency in Fashion

A Guide To Starting A Minimal Wardrobe